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Here are the comics of my Comicollagecomrades:

Protection- By the infamous Shay Caron

Strange Daze-If you like mythology, youíll love Mattís strip.

Ko Fight Club- Youíve probably heard of Russís before. If you havenít, go weep at your ignorance.

Bug Fairies- Neilís strip. If you believe, clap your hands! On second thought donít. Itís creepy.

The Dream Vortex- Yaaay, itís not a comic! (Vortexís site.)

ÖAnd here are a few that just rock:

The Grimbles- Insanity runs in my familyÖ it practically gallops.

Roger and Dominic- By far the most laugh-out-loud gag-a-day strip Iíve encountered.

Chopping Block- But of course. Follow the adventures of a cuddly serial killer.

Narbonic- Mad scientists and pink wine. Narbonic is chock full of cultural references and giant Ur-Gerbils.

Bob and Ed- Geek humor galore. AndÖ uhÖ thereís a bunny too.

White House in Orbit- The year 3030- where everyone acts like itís the year 1930.

The Call of WHATEVER!- Whether youíre a hardcore Lovecraftian or just a mythos dabbler, youíll laugh your ass off at this. (In a good way.)

Red Meat- Sick humor as seen in The Reader and The Onion.

This Modern World- Another printed joint. Leftist political humor and visor-wearing penguins.

Zortic- Not your average little green man. Recently went ĎSpot- CONGRATULATE HIM, DAMMIT!!!

Finally, hereís some other stuff of mine:

Art & Writing




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